Mindful Matter

Do you ever wonder what’s going on in another group of people? Like. What it’s like to hang out with those people. Their personalities, quirks. Are they good people? Do they do bad things? ..And then it occurred to me that I need to invest in a pair of mittens.

” What the hey’ll “… oh, living in the south

Annnnnnd then, while this guy walked right behind me. I realized that I really should start doing some squats.

I’m standing in line at customer service in Walmart, listening to two extremely old, county, withered from smoking women try to figure out certain apps on their phone. Such as Twitter. And Hang Out. ….. Can’t this line more any faster

I would like some coffee.

I have already logged 100 hours in a video game in the last week. …. There are 168 hours in a week. Yeah.

I would really like some more coffee.

Today is kind of a bummer. One of those days that no matter what you do you don’t feel like anything you have done or will do, is good enough. Someone will say to you that “youre great!” or, “thanks for printing those papers for me”…. but alas, you are no more appreciated than the dirty rug that lies in front of the door. I hate feeling like this. Actually, I loath feeling like this. So why do I stay? … good question. Probably because the stress of finding a new job and meeting more new people will make me break out in hives. Why can’t I just finish my book and do something with my life. Instead of sitting at this desk doing favors for the masses who are too lazy to do stuff themselves. ehhhh….

Gonna make another cooking video tonight. Im pretty excited about it. Even though it makes me nervous its the only place I feel normal. This is unarguably the reason why we all got fat in the first place. Food was our best friend. It made us happy. It told us it was there for us. Until we ate it and then it wasn’t there for us anymore so we had to go find more.  So then  that food was there for us. .. What a cycle.

Why is the world filled with so many people but is the loneliest place in the universe.


2 thoughts on “Mindful Matter

  1. Heather says:

    Great thoughts. I think this is something that is catching on, on a bigger scale. On being mindful. About 6 months ago my dad was reading a book on it and was telling me about it. I expressed interest and received a copy for christmas. Then today I saw a random periscope about it, and then your blog…crazy. Guess it’s time to open the book. 🙂

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