Even the heroes play the villian

I decided to write this blog post after watching a video this morning that really upset me. Disgusted me even. There are people in this community that have zero respect for their followers, and fill their heads with endless lies just to line their own pockets.  The worst part is, some of these people used to be excellent representatives of the keto community. Now its all about making a quick buck at the expense of their fans.

If you are new to keto or a lowcarb lifestyle, please, for the love of all that is holy in this world, heed my words. YOU DO NOT NEED PILLS, SUPPLEMENTS, WRAPS, CREAMS, ETC to lose weight. What these companies (and people) are selling you is not for the greater good. All they are doing is preying on the ones who feel like they have no where else to turn. Who haven’t done their research. Who are looking for a quick fix. Please, I beg you. Don’t be mislead into thinking you need these things to succeed in your journey. You don’t.  You can accomplish every single goal you have set in place for yourself all on your own. Sure its hard. Sure its a mental and physical struggle. But that’s what this community is here for. For support, encouragement, advice, help, a shoulder to cry on, to vent to. Everything you need is right here in this community. Not in a bottle of pills or a 350 dollar supplement.

I was once fooled by this shiny new toy. Was excited to be noticed. But was kicked to the curb when I wasn’t “popular” enough.  This journey is not a popularity contest. Its peoples lives they are messing with. It’s people’s health. But they don’t give a damn because they can sleep soundly at night knowing their bills are paid. Eating healthy is already expensive enough. So why waste your money on something that isn’t going to do anything for your body anyway. All this stuff is is another contributor to yo yo dieting.  For kicks lets say that this stuff actually worked. You pay the ridiculous money every month, or however often they shove it down your throat. Its not realistic. Why bother making a change you don’t plan to keep? Its temporary and pointless.  A lifestyle change starts with YOU. You can’t live of supplements forever, let alone pay for them forever.

All this aside, please, just do your research. Don’t rely on just one source either. There is so much good information out there to get your hands on. Not all of it is completely accurate. But if you get the honest basics, then you’re already passed the finish line.

I tell you all this because I care about and respect each and every one of you. I do my best to answer any questions that are ever asked to me on my IG or blog or email. I do get busy sometimes and I do miss things. So if that ever happens, send me an email or a DM on instagram. I will never dismiss you and tell you to go buy something to find your answer. I am not perfect, by any means. But I am here to help you, along with so many other amazing people in this community who have done this lifestyle naturally.  You can do this, I promise.

7 thoughts on “Even the heroes play the villian

  1. Thank you for writing this, this is what people need to hear. I’ve personally struggled with wanting there to be a “magic pill” to help me drop the weight that I need to. But there is no such thing and these big companies are taking advantage of venerable and impressionable, desperate people. thanks for sharing this and spreading awareness 🙂

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    • Absolutely! me too girl. I have spent countless years and money on diet pills. Even the prescription ones. Its just a black hole that you throw all your money and trust into. There will always be people trying to dip into that hole, but hopefully people will eventually start to dig themselves out.

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      • Ya, it took me a while to realize that the only way for me to drop the weight and be healthy is to do it myself and listen to my body. For the most part, the pills just give you false hope and adversely effects your health!


  2. SO TRUE!!! I cannot tell you how many people want to talk nutrition with me and then bring up these shakes, teas, etc. I am all about drinking tea. Tea is delicious and can help you hydrate, absorb key nutrients, along with a host of benefits. Tea wont make you skinny. Or slim.

    Good nutrition (no matter what) is important. Bottom line. I catch a ton of flack for believing in a Ketogenic Diet in the Nutrition Profession because a lot will boast it as a fad diet. Even though I don’t follow a keto lifestyle I am a firm believer that high fat and low carb is the best way to fuel our bodies. I cut carbs and am gluten free and have never been healthier physically and mentally. Has absolutely nothing to do with tea or detoxing or wraps!


  3. Violeta Sandoval says:

    Thanks girl! I am still new to keto and when I would go on the fb pg for it, all I ran into was supplements.. but I see it as an easy way out. Why not cook something that has all the nutrients you need instead they prefer to drink a lame shake or drink as a meal replacement.. for every diet someone is making some supplement and pill and they just keep stealing money from these people.. I’m not a great cool and I actually don’t like to much but keto has me in the kitchen experimenting and cooking and I actally enjoy it.. so no supplements for me!

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    • Absolutely!!!! Cooking is my life. So being able to cook so much and heal my body is just a win win!! Too many people are in the game just to rip people off to make a quick buck. It’s sad.


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