6/19/2017 Keto Restart (entry 1)

Sheesh. What a year it has been already. Without dwelling all over again, I was in a car accident in April. And ever since then my diet has suffered. It’s not that I gave up, I just became complacent. At the beginning of my week I jumped right back in the cold water. No toe dipping for this chick. It’s all or nothing. Always.

Restart Weight: 165.8

What I ate:  Monday – Eggs with butter and cream cheese, chicken broth, half a pork chop, asparagus with parm cheese and half an avocado with onion and tomato.  Tuesday – A pepperoni Real Good Pizza with an egg on top, a Hardees lettuce wrapped burger with a side of orange and yellow peppers. Wednesday – A salami, cheese and olive snack pack, baked chicken breasts.

The transition back has actually been easy. Just like riding a bike. And its where my heart is anyway. So lets do this!!!!! I’m not really going to announce this yet on my other platforms as i’m getting my bearings back, as to not disappoint.  But I will be keeping track here and doing daily entries!

Til Tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “6/19/2017 Keto Restart (entry 1)

    • Heya! Thank you! Unfortunately my back and neck got messed up pretty bad. I’ve been in physical therapy since then. Don’t know yet the long term. Just hope it’ll all be healed eventually! Welcome to my page!!


      • Petal says:

        Oh no, I’m sorry to hear this. No one understands back and neck issues until personally experienced. I hope your issues are soon healed and you are better. Thanks for posting during your recovery.
        I found your fab keto recipes on pinterest. Keto4eva! 😉


      • Aw thank you so much! You’re so kind! 😘 and that’s awesome! I didn’t know if any of my stuff showed up on Pinterest haha I’ve posted a few things there but never knew if I did it correctly 😂😂 glad to see I did!!


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