More ramble 

When was the last time you thought that the world would be better without you? We’ve all thought it, you know you have.  I think about it pretty frequently.  I think it’s normal to a certain extent.  But sometimes it’s just like, ok enough is enough.  Why do we even exist? Life is hard as fuck and it never gets easier.  The “good” moments in life are so few and far between that seriously it’s not even worth it.  You work your ass off to be good at something and you still fail.  You try to be a good person and still end up hurting someone.  You try to do the right thing and still fuck it all up.  A never ending cycle of disappointment.  And who gets to pay for all of your mistakes? The people closest to you.  Whose lives would improve 100 percent if you weren’t around.  Because you’re that failure in their life.  You’re that person hurting them.  You’re that person fucking up their life.  So why not remove that factor.  Finally do something good by removing yourself.  That’s really the only way I feel like I can be the best version of myself.  The version that isn’t around. 
There’s plenty of other places on the internet that people can learn about keto. If my page stopped everyone would just search for the next one.  It’s not like mine is perfect anyhow.  I fail more times with my weight and diet than I succeed.  I don’t want to be the example of failure anymore.  Friends have already started to move on.  On to shiny new friends who are cooler and better at being a friend.  I really don’t blame them.  I feel bad for anyone who has me as a friend.  I’m sad all the time.  I keep to myself.  I don’t answer phone calls.  Im even bad at returning texts.  I disappear often.  And just cut the world out.  I do care for these people though, I swear.  I just don’t know how to show it properly. 
Happiness isn’t something that my mind understands.  Fake happiness that just comes through as numbness.  Just like all the other emotions.  Except for sadness.  Why can’t there be a mental illness that makes you only feel happiness?  The chemicals in your brain make you feel like anything is possible and everything is perfect all the time.  I want that illness.  Not this bullshit one I have. 

I decided to start taking my meds again.  Idk if I’ve mentioned that recently.  Maybe I did.  I can’t remember.  My friend filled them for me and brought them to me.  I love her.  She’s good to me.  I wish I could be as good to her.  She deserves it more than anyone in the world.  I wonder if she is happy that I’m going to take my meds again.  I just want someone to be proud of me.  I want my family to be proud of me.  No matter what I will always be the child who can never make it on her own.  But do I blame my illness? Or am I really just a shit person?  I do try to be good at things.  At life.  So hard.  Hoping to finally do something right. 

I just want to do something right. 

7 thoughts on “More ramble 

  1. I was just thinking I was a failed mother and wife because I am, to the bone, lazy.
    That is how I found you by looking for a lazy Keto mom. I believe you’re not a mom, but I relate to you on the lazy Keto part!
    I’ve gone through my time of depression and meds- it helps me to know it will pass. It’s ok for me to *feel* (or not feel in the case of numbness) and recognize I will come out the other end. I will *choose* to hold on until I come out the other end. And that will be about all the energy I’ll have.


    • Hugs to you as well 🤗 I am not a mom but def feel like crap when I forget to let my dog outside. Heh. Laziness i believe is our biggest effect of depression. Try not to beat yourself up. I’ll try to do the same 🙂


  2. JoAnne Wilson says:

    Beautiful girl, I have been following you for a while now and have brought your sauce, which is quite delicious. I have never commented until now. I have just read today’s blog and and felt the same feelings I feel when my daughter texts me -I’m useless, I’m numb, I’m sad, I’m feeling overwhelmed, I can’t do this. Personally, it scares the shit out of me as mother to have my daughter feel this way and to hear you echo her feelings. I see the value and worth of my beautiful, warm, loving daughter who tries so hard to please and seek approval from everyone. Please know that you are valued and loved more than you will ever know and YOU “removing the factor” would cause great pain and suffering to all who love and follow you. Please hang in there and know that every day is a blessing and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


  3. You’re right that there are plenty of places to learn about keto – but the honesty you offer is refreshing. My husband was bipolar and I have depression, so between the two of us, I know how hard it can be. You’re doing great though, you truly are.


  4. James says:

    Just found your blog because of the sauce. Realize this post is a bit old and I am commenting later but know that our brains screw with us. You are brilliant. No matter what people say no matter how many hardships you may be going through you are are something out of the ordinary. You created something most people don’t do diddly shit with their lives. You are choosing to try no matter how difficult it seems. Your most recent post seems so trying but know you can persist through any hardship because you afe keto strong. Fuck the idiots who criticize. Just because they say It does not make it your truth. Live strong and Keto On!!! I don’t know if that’s a thing but I am making it one. I am sure it already is.


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