Peanut Butter Sorcery

So there is this guy named Brad.  He is pretty much a sorcerer.  He has created this company, who may have the best company name I have ever come across. “Butter Your Nuts” .. I mean, the awesome name alone made me want to check them out.  Then today I was lucky enough to be able to try their Peanut Butter, and let me tell you, my life with peanut butter is forever changed. It is SO good!!!! It has a stone-ground smooth texture that is none like the rest. I have always been reluctant to try other natural butters due to the fact of basically draining it before eating. But with this brand, there is no added oil, yet still has an amazingly smooth, velvety texture. Guys, I AM IN LOVE!! Not to mention that there are only 3 ingredients: Peanuts, Raw honey and salt. That’s it!! Absolutely perfect for my lchf lifestyle. There is only 2g of sugar per serving. That is the lowest that I have ever seen in any peanut butter (that is actually worth eating). They have so many amazing flavors that are going to be coming up… The espresso being my most looked forward to flavor.  Brad is such an excellent guy and I am so proud of him! I am all about supporting small companies and this guy definitely deserves ALL the support.

He is gearing up for product release starting in February! So head over to their site and sign up for email updates so you will be the first to get your hands on some!

I will be posting updates as well as he progresses and new flavors are released! Stay tuned!!